Grandparents Kit

The Gibson Gorilla Grandparents Kit


is the Parent Kit...


PLUS    Gibson's Journal   


Gibson can belong to grandparents and be shared by all the children in the extended family, building up a wonderful journal...

Why would grandparents love Gibson?   

Gibson can belong to grandparents as a new family member and be shared by all their grandchildren in the extended family. The children take turns to have Gibson at their home for sleepovers and record all the fun in Gibson's journal to show their grandparents how well he was cared for and how much fun was had by all.

This journal becomes a precious family history of fleeting childhood fun and love.

Also when the grandparents go touring of course Gibson can go too! They then record the travels and photos of wonderful experiences to share with their grandchildren through Gibson's eyes!


PRICE: $75 

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