Gibson Gorilla



The Grandparents Kit is comprised of all of the components we believe will help you and your extended family have the most fun with Gibson and will allow you create a precious record of all your cherished experiences. Please note: Gibson's robe is no longer available as an inclusion - so sorry for any disappointment

The components are all the items in the Parents Kit PLUS Gibson's Journal, to record your family fun over time!:

  • Gibson, a loveable plush gorilla (320mm tall)
  • Gibson’s personalised clothing and accessories
- Jeans and tee shirt
- hat
- pyjamas
- robe
- monogrammed toothbrush
  • Gibson’s quality personalised backpack with great compartments for each item
  • Gibson’s bedtime story book – Gibson’s Animal Alphabet book
  • Gibson’s song, an MP3 file -”Who’s taking Gibson home?”
  • Gibson’s Adoption Certificate
  • Gibson’s journal

 For more information on each individual item, and to purchase replacement items, please click here