Two Homes Kit

Gibson Gorilla



The Two Homes Kit is comprised of all of the components we believe will help your child  move happily between their 2 homes with Gibson as a companion.

The components are  all the items of the Parents Kit PLUS Gibson's Calendar and backing board and Gibson's Journal:

  • Gibson, a loveable plush gorilla (320mm tall)
  • Gibson’s treehouse box – for storage and where he lives in your house
  • Gibson’s personalised clothing and accessories
  •      Jeans and tee shirt
  •       hat
  •       pyjamas
  •       Please note: Gibson's robe as shown is no longer available)
  •       monogrammed toothbrush   
    • Gibson’s quality personalised backpack with great compartments for each item
    • Gibson’s bedtime story book – Gibson’s Animal Alphabet book
    • Gibson’s song, an MP3 file -”Who’s taking Gibson home?”
    • Gibson’s Adoption Certificate
    • Gibson’s Appointment Calendar backing board and yearly insert (with some stickers to get you started)
    • Gibson’s journal

    For more information on each individual item, and to purchase replacement items, please click here