Gibson Gorilla


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The Educators Kit is comprised of all of the components currently available, which will enrich the children’s experience with Gibson in the classroom and when they take him home for sleepovers.

 The components are:

Gibson, a plush gorilla (320mm tall)

Gibson is a lovable plush toy hand-made from the best quality materials and has certificates of compliance for child safety. Each Gibson is unique! He is machine washable (medium heat, hand wash cycle) and can be gently tumble dried in a bag (to protect his eyes!), made in China for Gibson Gorilla Kit Company.

Gibson’s treehouse box

This sturdy, beautifully decorated laminated box is both a storage container for his belongings and a ‘tree house’ for his home in the classroom. It is wipe-cleanable. The box will withstand some hard-wearing but should be used as a place for Gibson on a shelf rather than as a toy and plaything – this will ensure a longer life! Made in Australia for Gibson Gorilla Kit Company.

Gibson’s Calendar backing board

The reusable glossy Calendar backing board is strong and beautifully designed to delight children with jungle characters and trees. It can stand next to Gibson's house or hang on the wall nearby while holding his sleepover appointment calendar.

Gibson’s personalised accessories 

include a monogrammed toothbrush and hat.

Gibson’s quality personalized backpack

Our company has designed this glossy, durable backpack. It can be fully opened so children can access each section. There is a toothbrush holder and a safe place to place Gibson’s clothing, bedtime storybook, and journal. It will withstand the constant home visits Gibson will have in the future!

Gibson’s journal
Gibson’s journal is an essential part of the Gibson Gorilla Kit when Gibson will be having sleepovers in many exciting places. This is a well-bound heavy-duty glossy book that will withstand much handling by children as they look through to find their entry and read about what Gibson has been up to at the other children’s houses! Each page has full-colour borders of jungle motifs, which enhance the writing, photos and drawings.  This will be added to create a beautiful history that ultimately unites everyone who has participated, as Gibson’s extended family—printed in China by Everbest for Gibson Gorilla Kit Company.

Gibson’s bedtime story book

This Animal Alphabet book has been written and illustrated for the Gibson Gorilla Kit Company.
The text is a charming introduction to many animals and other species while giving some details of their characteristics for children to absorb. The illustrations capture facial expressions and poses to intrigue children through the alphabet! It is written in rhyming couplets, and the latest research has found that children need consistent experience of rhyming stories and songs as an essential grounding for their later literacy skills. Printed in China by Everbest for Gibson Gorilla Kit Company.

Gibson’s Adoption Certificate

Gibson’s Adoption Certificate is a beautiful glossy cardboard document that can be framed for the wall. It is a charming celebration for you as you become Gibson’s new family, and it will be a lovely historical record of his time with you. Printed in Australia for Gibson Gorilla Kit Company.

The Teacher’s Manual and links to the EYLF Australia and Te Whariki New Zealand (a downloadable file)

This booklet is an essential part of the Educator’s Kit. It is a downloadable file and will be sent to your email address upon payment.

The teacher's manual section gives a detailed overview of introducing Gibson to your children and the information needed for managing him within your educational program.

The links to the EYLF are a detailed record of how Gibson has been found to enable educators to meet the 5 Outcomes of this learning framework.
The links to the Te Whariki also indicate how educators can meet the goals of this curriculum framework in New Zealand.

Please note: Teachers of children 5 – 7 years in Primary Schools can confidently purchase the Gibson Gorilla Kit as a fabulous resource that will also meet curriculum elements.