Educator Kit

We believe that the Gibson Gorilla Educator Kit, (made for children 3 to 8 years old), is the first of its kind in the world!  

 Can we help YOU?

YES!... if you are an educator of children, 3 - 8 years old.

Now priced at $152.50, the Gibson Gorilla Educator a complete teaching resource which effortlessly helps busy teachers  meet key outcomes for the children in their care: - self-esteem, belonging to community, well being, learning and communication skills and much more!

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Gibson offers a catalyst for new relationships and promotes a feeling of belonging for the children in your care.

 Gibson  offers unconditional friendship to everyone. He taps children into their own powerful imagination  while they  create endless games and fun activities - promoting healthy happy social interactions AND providing a welcome relief from electronic overload.  You will delight in the children just being in the 'joy of childhood'.


What's in the Educator Kit?

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The GIBSON GORILLA EDUCATOR KIT is comprised of essential components to enrich the children's experience with Gibson in the classroom and when they take him home for sleepovers. The Teacher's manual and Link to the EYLF and Te Whariki will be immensely helpful to support your teaching program when working with children 3 to 8 years old.

This kit, DEVISED BY A TEACHER FOR TEACHERS has everything you need to begin your fun and learning with Gibson in your classroom. You will be delighted - Gibson just 'works' for children wherever he goes!


The components of the GIBSON GORILLA EDUCATOR KIT are:

  • Gibson, a plush gorilla (320mm tall)
  • Gibson’s treehouse box – for storage and where he lives in the classroom
  • Gibson’s glossy Appointment Calendar backing board
  • Gibson’s personalised accessories
                - hat
                -monogrammed toothbrush

  • Gibson’s quality personalized backpack with great compartments for each item
  • Gibson’s journal
  • Gibson’s bedtime story book – Gibson’s Animal Alphabet book
  • Gibson’s Adoption Certificate
  • The Teacher’s Manual and links to the EYLF Australia and Te Whariki New Zealand (a downloadable file)

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              PRICE :   $152.50