"Gibson has been a lovely addition to our Centre! When you read his journal you can see that Gibson has been on many adventures. We all just adore him! Thanks again for your wonderful creation - Gibson has opened up so many learning opportunities for the children and families and even the community."

Yvonne Johnson, Director, Goodstart Early Learning, Byron Bay, NSW

"It's simply the best resource I've ever purchased" 

Narelle Walker, Director, Alstonville Preschool, NSW


"Gibson the Gorilla is such an amazing concept and a fantastic resource for preschools.  Gibson is also my travelling companion and what a great companion!  I have not come across anyone who does not love Gibson. Well done Pam for developing such a great resource!"

Catherine Chen CC Consultancy

 “I just can’t believe it! My daughter hasn't let him out of her sight for 2 days - she has  completely looked after him without our help!“  

Kathryn, a proud mother


“The children just love to have their turn to take Gibson home - I have  seen  them pouring over his calendar trying to read it and counting the days until   it’s their name on the calendar! " 

Melissa, Preschool educator


“Oh look! It’s your name today! Have a nice time with Gibson!”

A four-year-old child, overheard talking to a friend.