Two Homes Kit


The Gibson Gorilla Two Homes Kit is comprised of all of the components we believe will help your child or children move happily between their 2 homes with Gibson as a companion! Their sense of security will be enriched as their little travelling buddy goes wherever they go with his own backpack and belongings and Gibson's Calendar will allow them to see clearly where they will be on any day as they add the stickers showing the changes. 

Parent Kit PLUS...

Gibson's Calendar      Gibson's Journal
The components of the kit are:
  • Gibson, a lovable plush gorilla (320 mm tall)
  • Gibson’s tree-house box 
  • Gibson’s Appointment Calendar backing board and yearly insert calendar (with some stickers to get you started to show which days the children spend at their two homes)
  • Gibson’s personalised clothing and accessories:-
  •   Jeans and tee shirt
  •    hat
  •    pyjamas
  •    robe
  •    monogrammed toothbrush   
    • Gibson’s quality personalised backpack (with great compartments for each item.)

    • Gibson’s journal

    • Gibson’s bedtime story book – Gibson’s Animal Alphabet book

    • Gibson’s CD -”Who’s taking Gibson home?”

    • Gibson’s Adoption Certificate

For more information on each individual item, and to purchase replacement items, please click here

 PRICE : $80