Gibson Gorilla



Gibson’s Appointment Calendar is an essential part of the Gibson Gorilla Kit when he is going to be having sleepovers! This insert calendar is a downloadable file which will be emailed to you on payment - for your convenience you can  print out the whole calendar or only the months left in the calendar year*.

Please note: When you receive the downloaded files with your order, it's best to first save the files  in your documents for ease of opening and printing, (you may need winzip to open them). If you have any problems please email

Each year there will be a Calendar insert available on this website for the following year. IF you have purchased the kit through this website you will automatically be sent the new year's calendar at the beginning of each year free of charge.

The insert feeds through a slot in the backing board – then each month’s page can be passed through but is always available as a record of who has taken Gibson home through the year. (This is essential for fairness of sharing Gibson for sleepovers!)

* Please note using a glossy paper to print your calendar will give you the best result.